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When most people think of personal trainers, they think of shirtless and sweaty, muscled men, grunting in front of a mirror. Unfortunately, that stereotype is not only unrealistic, but it also stands between many people and their fitness goals.The truth is that personal trainers offer guidance in a wide range of areas having to do with health and fitness, and you could benefit from having a personal trainer on your side, no matter what your walk of life. Consider these services offered by a personal trainer…

Fitness routine development. This might be the most obvious personal training service, but it is easy to overlook the many different types of exercise. For example, a marathon runner might hire a personal trainer to make the conversion to triathlon competition, an expectant mother might hire a personal trainer to help keep her gestational diabetes at bay, and a teenager afraid of obesity might hire a personal trainer to slim down once and for all. Each of these strikingly different goals is attainable through exercise, but much different types of exercise.

Diet guidance. Personal trainers must be knowledgeable in healthy eating habits, just as much as they are proficient at lifting weights. There are a variety of reasons for why you might need to reconsider your own diet—from weight loss to disease to emotional well being—and a personal trainer can help you develop a meal plan that works for you.

Recovery from illness or injury. If you suffered a debilitating illness or injury, then in most cases, physical training may be a key to helping you on your road to recovery. Qualified personal trainers are able to guide you through exercise routines that can improve your muscle, tendon, joint, and bone health after it has been compromised by a sickness or accident.

Education. It may not be that you want a personal trainer to guide you through your workouts every week, but that you rather prefer to learn more about how you can go about being your most physically fit self, on your own. A personal trainer can teach you what you need to know about every aspect of fitness, as well as about your current fitness condition, so that you can use that information to maintain your desired fitness lifestyle.

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